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♦  Magdeburger Schriftenreihe: EMPIRICAL SOFTWARE ENGINEERING




♦  GI-Fachgruppe 2.1.10 Software-Messung und -Bewertung






PROJECTS: (see our Partners)

seit 2013

  • Framework Application of Service Security (International University Community project)
  • Size-Based Effort Estimation (University Community project)
  • Big Data Applications and their Efficiency (Industrial project)
  • Theoretical Basics of Software Engineering considering Causal Networks
  • Empirical Extensions of the COSMIC Measurement Method



  • Modeling, Evaluating and Predicting IT Human Resources Performance (International Industrial supported project)
  • Quality Assurance of SOA-Based Systems (Industrial project)
  • Modern E-Business Infrastructures considering the Internet of Things
  • Process Improvement in Cloud Computing



  • Quality Assurance of Agile Software Development (Industrial project)
  • Framework of Web Service Security (International University Community project)
  • Reusability of Automotive Software Components (Industrial project)
  • Dynamic Information Structures and Architectures (International Industrial project)



  • Innovative E-Business Infrastructures (International University Community project)
  • Process Complexity of Large Scale Industrial Software Systems (Industrial project)
  • Efficiency of Automotive Software Systems considering Reusability (Industrial project)
  • Risk Evaluation and Human Errors



  • Monitoring Organization's Environmental Performance Indicators (EU project)
  • SOA-Based Federated ERP Systems (DAAD project)
  • Framework for Test Process Evaluation (University Community project)
  • Risk Management and Controlling (Industrial project)



  • Quality Assurance of SOA-Based Systems (DAAD project)
  • Use Case Point Method 3.0 Application and Analysis (Industrial project)
  • Development of Efficient Software Architectures in Automotive Systems (Industrial project)



  • Use Case Point Method Improvement (Industrial project)
  • TPE: Framework of Test Process Evaluation (DAAD project)
  • SMI: Software Measurement Infrastructures (Industrial project)



  • ITIL-Based Software Process Improvement for KMU enterprises (Industrial project)
  • Agent-Based e-Learning
  • Release-Based Test Evaluation (DAAD project)
  • Quality Assurance in Development of Distributed Software Systems (Industrial project)



  • Software Measurement Infrastructures (Industrial project)
  • Software Agent Measurement Framework (University Community project)
  • Statistical Process Control of Automotive Software Development (Industrial project)
  • Metrics Data Bases and Repositories (Industrial project)



  • Evaluation of Web-Based Systems (Industrial project)
  • AGENT ACADEMY: Data Mining Framework for Training Intelligent Agents (EU project)
  • WS-CENTER: Conception and Implementation of an Web Service Center (Industrial project)
  • e-Measurement for Function Size Measurement (FSM)
  • e-Learning Content and Management (DAAD project)
  • Software Maintenance Maturity Model (International University Community project)



  • Installation of a Measurement Process in Automotive Software Development (Industrial project)
  • Web Service Based Software Integration (DAAD project)
  • e-Measurement: Intentions and Solutions of Web-Based Measurement Services
  • ISBSG Portal: upgraded version of internet solution (Industrial project)



  • MEASURE(agents): Efficiency Analysis of Agent-Based System Development
  • C-LINE: Complexity Evaluation of Software Product Lines (Industrial project)
  • CBSE: Efficiency Analysis of Component-Based Software Engineering using Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) (Industrial project)
  • SEE: Effort Estimation Methods for Embedded Systems (International University Community project)


  • Profi-IN: Java-Based Implementation of Intelligent and Efficient Network (Industrial project)
  • SPE: Foundations of Software Performance Engineering (International University Community project)
  • PALM-SE: Industrial Use of Handhelds for Cost Estimation (Industrial project)
  • Measurement and Evaluation of Agent-Based Systems
  • Q-PORT: Quality Evaluation of OO Software Portability (Industrial project)
  • M-COMPARE: Conception and Evaluation of heterogeneous Middleware Approaches in EAI Environments (Industrial project)
  • ISBSG Portal: Estimation Software Development (International University Community project)



  • PerfEng: Performance Engineering in Large Scale Industrial Projects  (Industrial project)
  • COSAM: Tool-Based Storage and Analysis of Customer Satisfaction (Industrial project)
  • FFP: Airback: Cost Estimation of Embedded Automotive Systems (Industrial project)
  • COMET: Measurement and Evaluation of CORBA-Based Software Systems



  • WiVE: Software Reuse (Softwarewiederverwendung) (Industrial project)
  • Measurement Theoretical Analysis of the (classical) Function Point Method (University community project)
  • FFP: Application and Adaptation of the Full Function Point Method (Industrial project)
  • Y2K: Year 2000 problem and solutions (industrial project)



  • Measurement Frameworks
  • MDB: Conception and Implementation of industrial Metrics Data Bases (Industrial project)
  • Conception and Implementation of Video Conferencing and their Applications between different Universities (University community project)
  • Approaches of Metrics-Based Program Design Languages (DAAD project)



  • Open To Europe (EU project)
  • Approaches of Metrics Data Bases (Industrial project)
  • Analysis and Evaluation of efficient Web Applications
  • Metrics Bibliography


1996 und davor:

  • Measurement and Evaluation of Object-Oriented Software Systems (University community project)
  • Installation of a Virtual Software Measurement Laboratory (SML@B)
  • Evaluation of Students Software Implementations (University community project)
  • CAME Tools (Overview, Classification and Description) (Industrial project)


(see our Partners)

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