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The UnitMetrics tool was implemented in the diploma thesis of Martin Kersten: Unterstützung der agilen Softwareentwicklung durch geeignete Metriken, University of Magdeburg, 2007. The supports typical activities in agile programming such as refactoring, evaluation and quality assurance based on OO metrics (C&K and Number of Name-Parts of a method (NNP), Number of Characters (NC), Number of Comment-Lines (CL), Number of Local Variables (NLV), Number of Created Objects (NCO), and Number of Referring Objects (NRO)). A typical screen of the UnitMetrics tool is shown in following.




The evaluation part is based on ordinal "star" metrication shown in the following screen pf the UnitMetrics tool.




The concept of this tool is an Eclipse plugin and is available in the OpenSource community portal.



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