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The Hackystat solution is a process measurement during the software development or maintenance as framework (in the OO manner). This tool was developed in a diploma theses by Christoph Ullwer: Konzeption und prototypische Realisierung einer Telemetrie-basierten Mess-Architektur, University of Magdeburg, 2006 and is based on the Open Office application. The measurement principle is a sensor-based approach measuring the different file uses in a distributed file system as basis in a software development team. The general infrastructure is given in the following figure.





The informations in order to open/create a hackystat-based measurement (connecting the hackystat server) is shown in following.




In the next screen is given the details in order to adjust the hackystat measurement in general that was use in the special hackystat applications





One example of the sensor architecture/structure describes the class diagram in the next figure.




The foloowing screen shows the special Hackystat Open Office solution in our SML@b for login and definition of the mesasurement process.




The next screen shows the definition of the measurement time steps and durations for the process measurement of the project team.




The last screen shows any results of our Hackystat Open Office measurements in a student software practice application.




Our hackystat solution is available on the Hackystat server in the Web.




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