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The visualization of Web infrastructures (VisuGraph) was implemented by Sören Heider, Raik Pauer (Konzeption und prototypische Implementierung einer Visualisierungsinfrastruktur für tomographbasiertes Web-Measurement, University of Magdeburg, 2004). This tool is based on X3D (as VRML), analyzes the (link-based) Web infrastructure and produces a 3 D presentation and navigation of this structure. The high flexibility of this tool is based on the GRML (graph-based markup language) that would be create during the Web link analysis and can be defined a Web infrastructure separate also as shown in the following figure.




The basic components are nodes and edges that can be attached with informations like metrics of complexity, quality etc.



A simple example is given in the following screen, showing the structure and the additional informations addressed to every node and edge in the structure. Mouse-based navigation helps to consider (viewing and analyzing)  the Web infrastructure in detail.



Another example comparing two views shows the next screen of the VisuGraph tool analyzing real consumer Web applications.



Note, that Sören Heider, Raik Pauer are the founder of our SML@b symbol.



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