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SML@b Agent-Based Measurement Cockpits PDF Print


The agent-based measurement cockpit solution was implemented by Martina Krassowski-Wilhelmi (Konzeption und Implementation einer Cockpit-basierten Software-Qualitätssicherung nach dem E4-Ansatz, University of Magdeburg, 2010). The E4 measurement approach is based on an holistic product, process and ressources measurement involving the business goals and tasks and is described in details in Ebert/Dumke: Software Measuremrent - Establish, Extract, Execute and Evaluate, Springer Publ., 2007. The tool infrastructure is based on different layers involving software agents that helps event-based aggregation and coordination of measurement data from different measurement points (actors and sensors) an activities (aggregation and configuration) characterized in the following figure.



The single frontend components of the architecture are represented in the following figure.



The components of the cockpit backend are shown in following figure.


The different components of the agent-based cockpit solution was implemented in JADE and are characterized in th following figure.


A typical protocol of the process instantiation and timeline of actualization of the common measurement data base synchronization is given as following.


A simple example of measurement data presentation is given in the following figure.


This cockpit solution was used in practice currently in two companies in Germany and uses the Java measurement data base of the OOMJ tool (shown in our SML@b tool list).


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