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The Arbiter One is an instantiation of the Organic Product Catalog (OPC) approach defined by Dr. Robert Neumann (see: Neumann: The Internet of Products, Springer Publ., 2013). Arbiter One is a Semanitic Product Server solution (see www.arbiterone.com).




In addition to the components contained within the reference architecture, ArbiterOne features a web-based user interface for product authors to maintain product descriptions and for clients to search and retrieve product information. ArbiterOne was developed based on the Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and the Microsoft .Net Stack (version 4.0).




A simple example of product search is shown in the following screen of Arbiter One.



ArbiterOne provides full support for semantic search queries that span across multiple languages and cultures. As of today, the ArbiterOne system provides cross-language support for 38 languages.



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